how to use rsizr
saving pictures
Choose the "save" tab when you like what you've done and you're ready to save your new picture as a JPG or PNG to your computer. In the submenu, you'll see two options for file formats, JPG and PNG:
  • JPG - Images saved in this format are generally smaller in file size and can maintain image quality depending on how you set the quality setting.
  • PNG - Images saved in this format are generally larger in file size but do not lose any image quality (this is the 24-bit lossless PNG format).
Choose the desired image format. The Size field in the submenu will, in a few moments, tell you the size of the file in the specified format. If you choose the JPG format, you can use the slider in the submenu to specify an image quality. Your image will immediately (or after a few moments) reflect the JPG quality you select.

When you are happy with your file save settings, click the Save button. A message will pop up indicating that your image is being uploaded to our servers:
After the file is uploaded, a file browser window will pop up allowing you to specify a location to save your new image. When you're done inputting the desired target file name, you will see a progress bar show up in the top left corner of the window showing the download status:
When the file's been saved, you'll see a final notification message:
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